Paul Howey – Gallery An Talla Dearg Virtual Exhibition #4

I am inspired to paint by the wildlife and landscape of Scotland. My subjects vary from the wilds of the Hebrides to quiet corners of the garden, I hope my work captures the essence of the natural world.

In the field I paint colour studies, take photographs and just quietly observe. I then take time to think about how a composition can be developed that reflects what I have seen, generally this is a slow evolution, although sometimes the whole picture comes in a moment. Having carefully planned a new work I often find that once I have started the painting will lead me in unexpected directions. I paint with commonly used materials and a traditional palette of oil colours. My work is representational but I’m not trying for photographic detail, I try to evoke the feeling of the moment either seen or imagined. It’s all about light transmitted and reflected and never more so than when painting water, a subject I come back to time and time again as I have always had connections with the sea.

I live in Kyle of Lochalsh with wonderful scenery and wildlife awaiting in whichever direction I set off.


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